About NWPA

Mission Statement
Through a financially strong organization and by increasing sport participation, encourage and promote all skill levels of women’s pool in the Pacific Northwest.

Board Structure
The NWPA Board is comprised of the following positions, each having a specific set of related responsibilities (job descriptions available upon request): President, Player Advocate, Media/Website Coordinator, Promotions Coordinator, Tournament Directors (2).

Board positions are currently unpaid, with full voting rights. Board members are not required to be playing members of the NWPA and, as such, may be male or female.

Player Membership

Player Membership is open only to female pool players. The NWPA offers players an Annual (season) membership at a fee of $45.00. Playing members are entitled to accrue points for NWPA year-end ranking and toward NAPT semi-professional status, and are eligible to compete for NAPT qualifying spots. For more information regarding membership options and costs, click here. For more information regarding NAPT, click here.

Players wishing to participate in NWPA events without becoming a member, may do so by paying an extra $10.00 non-member fee per event (limit two non-member events per year), in addition to the standard NWPA tournament entry fee. Non-member players are not eligible to receive tour points. Non-member fees may go toward to an Annual Membership if a player decides to upgrade.

The NWPA accepts payments by check or online using PayPal. Please do not mail cash. All checks should be made payable to the NWPA. Membership payments should be accompanied by a Membership Form (click here).

Sponsorship Programs

The NWPA is a non-profit organization that is funded entirely on player membership and its sponsorship program. Sponsorships are a critical element to this organization’s growth and success and are offered by the NWPA to both the private and business sectors in the Pacific Northwest. As a non-profit organization, all sponsorships are tax-deductible [consult your accountant for guidelines]. In addition, the NWPA has developed a gift program for each level of sponsorship to make giving to the NWPA a more mutually rewarding prospect. For information about individual and/or corporate sponsorships, please contact playnwpa@gmail.com.

Advertising Opportunities

Advertising space is available on the NWPA website and livestreams (Rail2Rail TV Productions). For details, contact playnwpa@gmail.com.


The NWPA is a women’s regional tour that is sanctioned by the North American Pool Tour (NAPT). All Playing Members of the NWPA are entitled to a reduced cost amateur membership with the NAPT of $20. NWPA members do not have to become members of the NAPT. However, only players who have paid their  NAPT membership fee for the current year will be able to accumulate semi-pro points, compete for  NAPT tournament spots, or to have their NWPA points count towards NAPT invitation selection (e.g., for the Division II Championships). Players may choose to join the NWPA only and compete in NWPA events for cash and NWPA-only points.

As a sanctioned tour, the NWPA attempts to schedule at least two (2) NAPT-qualifying events per year. These entries are offered as part of the NWPA first prize payout at NWPA tour stops specified as NAPT Qualifier events. Rooms hosting the event cover the $500 NAPT entry fee, in addition to their added tour-stop funds. Because the spot is pre-paid, the NWPA player who wins a spot will be required to notify the NWPA within 30 days of their win, in writing, of their intent to play in the pro event or to decline the spot. If the winning player declines the spot, the NWPA player who took second place in the same qualifying event will have the opportunity to accept or decline the spot. In the event that an NWPA player accepts a spot in a pro event and does not show up for that event, they will be required to pay $500 to the NWPA to cover the cost of the entry.

Entry Fees

Entry fees for all NWPA tournaments (unless otherwise specified) are $45.00 for members, $55.00 for non-members. For instructions on how to enter a tournament and additional information of fees, please click here. The NWPA publishes tournament dates through the NWPA website, Facebook and Twitter. It is the responsibility of the player to keep apprised of deadlines. A $35 service charge will be applied to all returned checks and the issuing player will be ineligible to play in an NWPA event until they have taken care of the returned check and the service charge. The NWPA Treasury Office address is: 1225 224th Pl. SW, Bothell, WA 98021.

Refund Policy

Due to the NWPA’s strong commitment to the room owners, players must contact the NWPA Tournament Coordinator no later than 24 hours prior to tournament start time (Friday by 10:00am) to be eligible to receive a refund of their entry fee. Players providing such notice will receive a full refund of their entry fee, less the non-refundable green fee of $10.00. The total refund of $35.00 (member) or $45.00 (non-member) will be mailed to the player by check. ALL PLAYERS NOT ADHERING TO THIS POLICY WILL FORFEIT THEIR ENTRY FEE.

Players who contact the NWPA (via email - playnwpa@gmail.com) no less than six days prior to an event will receive a full refund of their entry fee ($45.00 member, $55.00 non-member).

Should the NWPA cancel a tournament, players will receive a full refund of entry fees ($45.00 member, $55.00 non-member) by mail.

Dress Codes

The NWPA wishes to promote a distinctive and tasteful regional tour to our sponsors and press. As such, the NWPA felt it important to incorporate a dress code policy to be mandated for all tour events. Dress code for all events is in effect one hour prior to the first match of each tournament day until one hour after the end of a player’s last match. Proper attire must be worn for all player meetings, televised interviews, newspaper interviews, celebrity events, regular tournament matches and any specialty practice table set up for fundraisers and/or exhibitions. All players competing or participating in NWPA events are responsible for knowing and adhering to the dress code requirements. If a player is found to be in violation of the dress code, she will have 15 minutes to change her attire or forfeit her match (the board or tournament director may allow exemptions in rare cases at their discretion).

If you have any doubt of whether you are inappropriately dressed for an event, please bring a suitable extra change of clothing with you.

The dress code policy is split into the following two categories:

DRESS CODE A: PROFESSIONAL – TO BE WORN SUNDAYS. Dress slacks, skirts, or divided skirts, to be worn with coordinated tops and/or jackets and dress shoes. Tops are defined as blouses, shirts, sweaters, vests or dressy knit tops. Fitted polos are allowed, provided that they follow these guidelines:

  • T-shirts are not allowed.

  • No graphic tees. Sponsor logos are acceptable as long as they follow guidelines for logos (see below).

  • Open toed dress shoes are permitted with pedicured nails. NWPA board has discretion to require a change of shoes if players do not meet required criteria.

  • No jeans of any color, leggings, athletic wear, shorts or miniskirts.

  • All Dress Code B rules also apply here unless Dress Code A rules supersede them.

At no time during an NWPA tournament should a player’s top reveal a bare mid-section. It will be considered a violation of the dress code if, in the course of bending over the table to complete a shot, a player’s blouse or top moves up or becomes untucked, revealing bare mid-section.


Cotton slacks, denim jeans with no holes (not excessively worn looking),  cotton shirts, non-collared shirts in good taste, with casual shoes (e.g. canvas or new looking dress tennis shoes) are allowed.

  • No wrinkled, torn, faded or excessively worn clothing

  • No torn shoes

  • No blatant show of cleavage (especially when bending over the table)

  • Must wear bra (no bra straps revealed)

  • No spaghetti straps. All tops must have straps at least 1” in width

  • When bending over the table, no excessive midriff or below midriff skin can be shown. No midriff or below midriff skin can show when standing

  • No knees or skin above the knees can be shown

  • Nylons or dress socks must be worn

  • A belt is required if belt loops are visible while standing or bending

  • All tops without finished hems or with frayed hems must be tucked in.

This is the minimum requirement. Please feel free to follow Dress Code A at any time.

Logos and Trademarks

Players may wear identifying trademarks or logos no larger than four inches at the largest point of measurement when worn above the waist and no larger than two inches at the largest point when worn below the waist. A player may not wear any more than four trademarks or logos on her person at the same time. An exception will be made in allowing larger logos if approved by the NWPA. Logos should be tasteful in representing sponsors only.

Tournament Format

Class I tournaments will be 9-ball, conforming to Texas Express rules (see “Rules of Play”and played on full-size regulation tables (4.5′ x 9′) if available. Class II tournaments will be of any format and may be played on 4.5′ x 9′, 4′ x 8′ or 3.5′ x 7′ tables.

All tournaments are double elimination. Matches will be races to 7 (first player to win 7 games) unless otherwise specified. Finals are a single race to 9. Match format may differ for Class II events and will be announced in advance accordingly. NWPA Playing Members will be awarded points according to the  NAPT Point Accrual system (as mandated by the NAPT), regardless of tournament class unless otherwise specified.

All events will begin promptly on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 10:00am. Rooms will allow all players free warm-up time starting at 9:00am. Mandatory players meetings begin promptly at 9:30am on Saturday.

Any female player is eligible to compete at any of the NWPA events with the exception of women ranked 16th or better on the NAPT tour within a calendar year. The NWPA makes every attempt to prevent scheduling conflicts with any NAPT, BCA, APA, VNEA, USPPA, Dufferin Regional, or National events.

Point Accrual System

As an NAPT-sanctioned regional tour, the NWPA is required to adhere to the NAPT’s currently published point accrual system. The details are as follows:

1st – 200, 2nd – 160, 3rd – 125, 4th – 100, 5th-6th – 80, 7th-8th – 65, 9th-12th – 50, 13th-16th – 40, 17th-24th – 30, 25th-32nd – 25, 33rd-48th – 20, 49th-64th – 15

Payout Structure

The payout structure was changed to reduce fees and increase payouts in early 2019 (prior to season start). The previous fee amounts are listed below under “old fees”. Prize money for each tournament is distributed to approximately 25% of the playing field.