How to enter an NWPA event

Listed below are the steps to playing in an NWPA event as a tour member or a non-member (maximum two events as a non-member):

1. Submit your payment. Below are our list of fees.

  • PayPal. Pay using PayPal up until 9am day of tournament start.

  • Credit Card. Use the “Add to Cart” feature below to send payment through credit card without a PayPal account (new window will open, select “Check Out / Pay Without a PayPal account”. Accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

    • If you are submitting payment through PayPal or credit card later than Friday, 12pm/noon, one day prior to tournament start, please email us to let us know. The tournament draw is done at 7pm, Friday, in person at the event location.

  • Cash payments are accepted in person Friday between 5-7pm at the tournament location or at 9am the day of the tournament start.

Tournament Entry Fee – $45

NWPA Annual Membership Fee – $45

NWPA Non-Member One-Time Fee – $10 (in addition to $45 entry fee). The One-Time fee can be used for a max of two tournaments. If you play in three or more tournaments you must pay the Annual Membership (previously paid one-time fee amounts will be applied to Annual Membership).

NAPT Amateur Membership Fee* – $20

Pay now with PayPal/Credit Card: For payments via PayPal, send money to email address, or choose your fees below to pay through PayPal or Credit Card now (new window will open):

Fee options
Tour stop you're entering?

* NAPT Mandate: If you plan on trying to earn semi-pro points with the NAPT or if you plan on accepting any invitation to any NAPT tournament (e.g., Division II Championships), you must pay $20 to the NAPT (forms and membership cards are available at NWPA tournaments) before your NWPA points can count. If you choose not to pay the $20 NAPT membership fee, you can still play in all NWPA events for cash and the NWPA will tally points for you for year-end NWPA awards. However, your final ranking will not count toward any NAPT status. For more information about NAPT, please click here.

2. Make sure we have your phone number and email address. If you are new to NWPA, please fill out a Membership Form here. If your contact info has changed you can email us at or submit a new Membership Form.

3. Read the Rules & Regulations. Players are entirely responsible for knowing and understanding the rules. (link here).

For more information about membership options and advantages, see our Membership Information page here.