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Greetings from NWPA!

2019 is a growth year for us, and we hope to not only bring in new players but improve the relationship we have with our longstanding members. Thank you for your support, no matter how long you’ve been a part of our tour.

In addition to our new website, we have a new board structure! Our former president, Julie Valdez, has stepped down. Thanks to Julie for the tireless effort and passion she brought to the tour. We’re so appreciative of all the work she put into the NWPA over the years. With Julie’s departure, we elected Adrianne Beach as our new president. Adrianne is knee-deep in the pool world, also serving as president of the North American Pool Association (NAPT), as well as co-owner/operator of Rail2Rail TV. We’re confident in her vision and leadership, and know her connections and dedication to pool will only strengthen our tour.

We also welcome new board member, Kira North! Kira has been a player and supporter of our tour for years. She’ll be in charge of Promotions and brings with her unparalleled love and focus on growth. She has already exceeded all our hopes and works relentlessly to help NWPA grow.

Now in charge of Communications is returning board member and player, Stephanie Hefner. Rather than speak in the third person, I’ll announce that I, the author of this newsletter, am Stephanie! If you reach out through the website or our new email address (, you’ll be greeted by me! I have been a board member of NWPA for the last couple years and am obsessed with pool.

Returning as our tournament directors are Chris Rogers and Ford (who needs no last name or introduction)! They are also the tournament directors of the NAPT. Our tour is blessed to have people as passionate and dedicated to pool as Chris and Ford.

We know that our tour is absolutely nothing without our players. Please reach out to any one of us with feedback. We’re looking to help grow pool in the Pacific Northwest, but also help grow the sport of a pool in general. Any growth we can hope for starts at home, with all of you.

We’re looking forward to a strong 2019. Here’s to lady pool players, and here’s to pool!

Stephanie Hefner, Communications

Northwest Women’s Pool Association - NWPA

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