Annual membership is $45. Playing members are entitled to accrue points for NWPA year-end rankings and toward NAPT semi-professional status, and are eligible to compete for NAPT qualifying spots.


Non-member fee is $10 (max two tournaments). If you wish to play in our tournaments but don’t want to be a member, you can simply pay the $10 non-member fee (in addition to the entry fee of $45). You will not receive points and will not be eligible to qualify for or accept NAPT spots.


Annual membership is $20. In addition to the NWPA annual membership, if you are interested in participating in any NAPT event, you can pay the $20 fee. You can pay us (NWPA) or send payment directly to NAPT. If you pay NAPT directly, please send confirmation to us so we can update our records. Our email is playnwpa@gmail.com.

For more information about NAPT, click here or visit their website directly here.

Membership payments should be accompanied by a Membership Form (click here).